What stops people from taking the leap and making an effort to change? Usually its the whole bother because when you change your life you will have to juggle your life too!

Yesterday I was food shopping online. I order my groceries and have them delivered. I have been doing that for around 2 years now with the same company. I shop they drop because every little helps 🙂

This week I wanted to try a different company and it meant I had to type in all my food choices all over again.

Currently I just click FAVOURITES and I can easily select products  I have ordered before but now I had to start again, find them and select them.

Only once, because after buying with them once what I bought will be saved for my next order. The truth is I didn’t want to go through selecting all those products again. Even though it looked like I could save money off my bill each week I didn’t want the hassle of starting again.

When I recognised that I was keeping myself stuck because of not wanting to make a change I went ahead and ordered with the new company but it took a real effort. I didn’t know where everything was, there was stuff I ordered on the other site not available on this new one. It was different, things were in a different place. I wanted what was familiar and what I knew already.

It took me an hour to shop for food products that usually takes under 20 minutes but I did it because I refuse to keep myself stuck simply because of the “hassle” of changing.

Unfortunately it happens. People stay stuck in a job, in a situation, in a relationship simply because they don’t want the hassle of changing.

When you change your life you will have to juggle your life too.

Things will be new. Things will be different. For a while you may have to adjust but in time everything will settle down once more and life will move on  – life may even become easier.

To change your life means to cope with a little disruption while changes take place. Be ready to deal with it or be ready to stay stuck and unhappy until you do. As always the choice is definitely all yours.

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