One of the things you will find with personal development is that no matter how many years you spend transforming your life there will always be those people who remember who you were and who are only too happy to remind you of it!

My ex-husband is a classic example. We met when I was 16, so he knew me when I was shy, not wanting to talk to people, he knew that I didn’t do great at school, especially in the area of maths!

23 years later and he still sees me as the same person, which is understandable because I was still very much that person when we split 7 years ago, a bit more assertive perhaps but me really living my life didn’t really take place until 2001!

So today when he rang my house to speak to our daughter and I mentioned she had stayed after school for maths revision he made a joke about her having his brains. Of course at the same time I made the same joke, and he laughed, and laughed, he laughed hard and for quite a while!

Now usually there will be something in me that would want to lash out, to make a spiteful comment or to become hurt and begin to doubt myself (family are the only ones left who used to be able to still do this!) but instead something quite remarkable happened.

I said nothing…….

even more important…..

I felt nothing……..

I listened to him laugh and there was no feelings, nothing, no hurt, no smart comment, nothing!

I recognised in the face of something that would usually hurt me that I am Great. I am Discovering Greatness and nothing can kill that unless I allow it…..

Fantastic ?

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