When I was asked why I decided to join Acti-Labs I always have the same answer. I had researched the products, they were cheaper than the brand I was buying they seemed really effective at re-plumping the skin.

I also wanted to get the 20% off as I was buying quite a few different products.

Strangely though, and this makes no sense. I saw the purple packaging and there was just this connection. Let’s face it there are plenty of products out there I could use and promote so why Acti-Labs. I can honestly say – and this sounds weird – that this product chose me.

Being an example

I knew if I decided to join Acti-Labs I was going to use the products first for at least 6-12 months before recommending them and I have been using them now since July 2016. I could tell by the changes to my skin (especially the rings that had appeared around my neck from losing weight) that this brand would be easy to promote.

The Collagen and Kelp fondant is an amazing body cream that helps with reducing stretch marks (although I see them as a mark of honor so I don’t want them to disappear) and improving skin texture that may be a little saggy.

I just wish I had taken some “before and after” photos of myself. I do have a before and after photo to show you though and you can clearly see the difference and the reduced lines.

join acti-labs skincare

People at work often believe I am in my early forties and while it isn’t all down to the Acti-Labs skincare it definitely plays a part. The fact that I eat fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water also plays its part.

In terms of reducing the lines that appeared as a result of age, that is all down to Acti-Labs and I highly recommend their skin-care range for women over 35.

On the cleanse and purify page I use and recommend the Antibacterial Facewash and Vesuvio Mineral Face Mask

On the Cosmeceutical Creams page I use and recommend the Collagen Day Cream and Collagen Night Cream

Hydra Slim

join acti-labs hydraslimHydra Slim is a great appetite suppressant. I needed it when I first started juicing and eating less because I was always feeling hungry.

It helped me through those moments when I wanted to eat bread, cake or other processed carbs by balancing out my blood sugar levels.

It also helped me eat less, which is why it is one of their best selling products.

Promoting Acti-Labs

I mainly promote my Acti-Labs business online and receive orders from America and Canada as well as the UK.

I also have a small international team that has built up from people who have read my articles and decided to join Acti-Labs. I am not actively building a team or promoting the product but I do actively use it and I am loving my results.

So whether you just want 20% off the product or you fancy building a business I recommend you join Acti-Labs here.

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