I have enjoyed ongoing success writing and using affirmations and last week when I was asked what it is I do to ensure they work I had to stop and think a while in my usual introvert way that I do!

After a couple of days I was able to pinpoint three things I always do when using affirmations to ensure I succeed and they may give you an insight into why you may fail when using affirmations if you find they never work for you:

Write them down

You absolutely have to write your affirmations down and keep them some place where you will see them often. It is easy to think you can remember them and repeat them but if you are tackling different parts of your life using affirmations then writing them down becomes crucial.

I have a small note book that I use – it is just a very cheap mini notepad – I think I bought a pack of 10 or something. I have them around and I write my finished affirmation in them.

Once I feel as if I am complete using one affirmation I rip it out and I keep adding new ones and ripping out old ones until the notepad is empty.

Keep repeating them
You absolutely have to keep repeating your affirmations at different times of the day. Get into the habit of saying them as soon as you wake up and repeating them as you go to sleep.

They are powerful times when you are most relaxed and open to suggestion. Always, find time during the day to repeat your affirmations so they become a part of you.

Feel them as you speak them
It is important you don’t just write and speak your affirmation but that you feel them too.

Whatever positive feeling you can create whether it is excitement or passion, feel the words as you speak them.

Act as if what you are affirming is already here even if you can’t experience it right now. It is that acting as if that really makes a difference to helping you achieve it.

If you have not been successful at writing and using affirmations I have to say that it will be because you are:

  • Not writing them correctly and in a way that motivates you
  • You have not written them down in places where you can easily see them – not only the notepad but also on a sheet of paper that you pin to your wall or stuck on your bathroom mirror! The more places the better.
  • You are not saying them often enough to really make an impact in your life.
  • You are not engaging your emotions as you say them. As it is our emotions that determine our actions it is vitally important that you use your feelings to help you successfully use affirmations in your life.

Whatever I want to experience in my life when I first think of a goal I will always write out an affirmation to ensure my intention stays focused on what I want.

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