It is officially winter solstice in the UK

December 21st 2013 at 17.11 until March 20th 2014 16.56pm GMT

I plan my life and goals around the season. I know traditionally the new year is the time for resolutions and new goals but I like to wait until Spring.  Spring for me is the epitome of new beginnings. New leaves, new flowers, new births and most importantly the beginning of new light as the days grow longer and the sun shines.

So what happens during winter solstice? Well, I hibernate. You can’t drag me out for love nor money… well maybe money 🙂

Winter is spent planning, reviewing and reflecting on the past year, putting into place the beginnings of any new goals. Like the bear, I disappear for a few months of rest and recuperation, unlike the bear I don’t get to spend the entire time sleeping.

In case you are interested in the dates of the Seasons for 2014 in the UK here they are:

Spring – March 20th 2014 16.57 until June 21 2014 10.50 GMT

I have something planned for 2014. I have decided to throw off the dark clouds of the last few years and make strides in life once again. It all starts from Spring 2014.

Summer – June 21st 2014 10.51 until September 23rd 2014 02.28am

I spend the summer working my plan, reviewing how things are going, making things happen, making contacts and generally keeping myself focused on what I want to achieve.

Autumn – September 23rd 2014 at 02.29am until December 21st 2014 23.02pm

It is harvest time and I look at what I have accomplished so far, what outcomes I am enjoying as a result and what still needs to be done. If I am behind or things are not working this is the time to review what to do next and change plans / goals.

Winter Solstice 2014 – December 21st 2014 23.03pm until March 20 2015 at 22.43pm

Hopefully, I have achieved some things so far and I will enjoy reviewing and reflecting on what happened and planning for Spring.

Now, all of this is not set in stone, I am flexible about when I review and reflect. If it is the middle of summer and I can see something isn’t working I don’t wait until Autumn to review it.

I look into it right away.

This just provides me with some structure and something to aim for during the year. Its the way of taking care of the “details” – the little goals I have to set myself in order to achieve my bigger goals.

If I look back over my period of “challenges” I know one of the things I stopped doing was planning and reviewing so it is not an error I need to make twice to understand the consequences.

Life has already begun again for me (since I made the choice to focus on Writing in November 2012) and I am feeling more optimistic that I have in years. It is time to take that creative energy and begin to rebuild my life because the power is within my hands to do so.

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