I wonder if it will be worth my while writing a flash fiction story a day for three months?

If I start around October 2013 to celebrate Black History Month in the UK and go until Christmas it will give me a wide range of material. Why? Because I am working on the premise that the more you do the better you get.

Plus between now and then it gives me a chance to complete the Flash Fiction Online Course by Nik Perring I just started last week and the Creative nonfiction video course I bought over at greatcourses.co.uk with Professor Tilar J. Mazzeo.

I am hoping that the more I write the easier it becomes and the better I get at it.

Of course none of that is guaranteed I suppose but it also gives me time to read a few more flash fiction books.

So far on Kindle I am reading “Not So Perfect” by Nik Perring and today I bought 31 by Callum Kerr – 31 flash fictions stories written in January 2011. The first story “The Spark of Inspiration” made me laugh out loud and gasp in horror!

I have ordered the book “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris and I am going to go through my library to find others.

I remember hearing someone say that if you want to be an expert at something read 10 books on it then write your own! Not sure if it is really that simple but I will be reading 10 “how to” books on creative nonfiction and flash fiction in the hope I can write my own creative flash nonfiction!

I also remember reading that you need to put in 10,000 hours of love, sweat and tears into anything to become an expert. Over at Writing Forward the two writing tips provided today tie in with my thoughts nicely.

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