Is this the key to living longer? Watch this TED talk which focuses on the secret to living longer. You may be surprised by the fact that it isn’t about what we eat, exercise or even making sure we get our flu shot.

The key to living longer, according to this research, is our close personal relationships and our social integration. The number of people we talk to on a daily basis.

Yes, how much time we spend with others is the key to a longer life it would seem.

Now, does that change the way you want to live your life?

It has certainly made me think about social integration differently in a time where social media has taken over my life. Why leave home and meet up with people when you can just face time them?

Why find new people to have a conversation with when I can just keep talking to the same people I already know?

Well, because it could just be the key to a happier life – that’s why.

It’s this lazy way of thinking that will shape my future.

Probably ensure I remain sat at home alone.

Just something else to consider as I take proactive steps towards engaging in practical actions that will help me fear less and live more.


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