If you have been using the power of affirmations to state that you want to build your self confidence and you are not experiencing the results that you want it is time to look at whether there is anything else stopping you from succeeding.

Your inner conflicts and doubts can play a role in stopping your progress.

If you have doubt that you can really be that confident then you will experience blocks that will stop you getting it. Hopefully, you have taken the time to define what it is you want to experience, written it down so you have set out a clear intention, and created your affirmation from that clear intention.

Well, if it isn’t working then chances are you have inner doubts that are stopping it and you need to clear anything that runs counter to what you say you want.

Not sure if there are internal doubts – then you need to ask questions – click the link to read my blog post on how to ask questions that will build self confidence

The questions will provide you with the answers you need to see what your doubts are, for example a client Jenny (not her real name!) had great ideas but never followed through with many of them. She talked a lot about what she wanted to do but 90% of the time she never got round to making it happen. She asked herself the question….

“Why do I always start something and never finish it? What is the lesson to learn and/or positive intention of this?”

She asked that question every day when she had a quiet moment, eventually after a few weeks (always remember answers may not come instantly so keep asking and be open to receiving an answer until it arrives) an answer suddenly popped into her head while she was running on the treadmill in the gym!

“You just don’t believe in yourself enough to think your ideas could actually be a success. We are protecting you from the embarrassment of failure”

From that answer Jenny could see that she needed more self confidence in her abilities. As she looked back over her life looking at all her ideas and even going on to look at her personal and professional life she could see that many things didn’t work out because she didn’t have enough self confidence in her own abilities. She was afraid of failure.

With that identified Jenny was able to use emotional freedom technique (EFT) to remove that inner doubt. She created positive affirmations about believing in her ability to achieve and created a visualization of her successfully being promoted at work, while taking action on getting that promotion.

She spent time building her self confidence in her ability to get a much better job either internally or with another organization (she also found blocks around her finding a new employer which she removed) and kept up with the same affirmation/visualization until it happened.

It took around 8 months in total but finally Jenny was free of that particular inner doubt and she went on to be promoted within her own organisation and a year later found a much better job with more money and less hours. Now she is working on removing her doubts about running her own business!

A great way to clear any negative beliefs, doubt and fear is to use emotional freedom technique (EFT) because if you do experience doubt then it will become counter intuitive and ruin what you are trying to do. Once you release your inner blocks you will be able to experience self confidence.

Suspend Disbelief & negative thoughts – instead remain open

If you really want to enjoy self confidence and you are shy or completely lacking in self confidence right now I need to do something if you want to see your life change.

You must suspend disbelief, or be open to ‘wait and see’ how this will work for you, this is very, very important if you want to experience results.

Even if you can’t believe what you are saying in your affirmations or you have created a visualization of what you want and you are not sure if it will happen that really is okay but I need you to suspend disbelief and stop saying words that confirm it may not happen.

Tell yourself you are not sure if this is going to work but you are open to giving it a go and experiencing results. Tell yourself you will put your disbelief in a box for now and go with the flow.

Tell yourself whatever you need to in order to suspend DISBELIEF and instead keep an open mind… “I have no idea if this is going to work but I am willing to play with it to see what happens” is a much better approach than saying “this won’t work for me” or “I tried this and it doesn’t work” which will instantly kill your desires dead in their tracks.

What you say to yourself and your negative inner feels (doubt, worry and fear) play a huge part in how quickly your self confidence will grow.

Discovering what your inner conflicts are as quickly as possible and using emotional freedom technique to dissolve them will help you build a more confident you quicker than you can ever imagine.

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