Your world within

Beautiful and opulent

A desire expressed

In the deepest of thoughts

Nothing can stop it

You manifest the conditions made within

Creative ideals of a life you desire

Impossible to stop as you focus your mind

Experience it now


Your World Within

Written by Diane Corriette, November 2012

I am really into the world within and some of my friends would probably tell me I spend way too much time there! When you learn to listen to your inner world you will find it supports you in what is happening in reality.

One of the best ways to use your world within is when you want to make something happen. By expressing your desire within its almost as if you give it the fuel it needs to take flight. I have found after expressing my desire for something the right people come along or doors open that I could have never imagined. The key to affirming it is also to visualize it as well – to see it within and affirm it’s existence.


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