Happy 2018. I thought I would start the New Year with a Zestizm update and a quick outline of what I am aiming to achieve in 2018. Of course the best laid plans can sometimes be shot to hell but I am giving it a go.

Adventures, group activities and fitness are my main goals for 2018. Continuing my health journey towards being slimmer and healthier continues but now I want to stop waiting to live life “until I get slim” and start living.

I am back on YouTube, still on Twitter and Instagram plus spending time thinking about whether I start a podcast.

Zestizm is my journey towards health. Along the way I really hope to connect with other women over 40 on a similar journey. It’s always great to be an inspiration to people and also to be inspired by people – my aim is to enjoy both in 2018.

I’d also like to learn Spanish and get round to learning my ukulele as two other side goals.

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